How Do I Access My Email Remotely (WebMail)

Email at its very best!!
With our fantastic Hosting deal you can access your email accounts from anywhere in the world. Just Follow the simple instructions below and you will be using your Web Mail account trouble free. You can also set up email forwarding and catch all address as well as adjust the junk mail filters. You can also set up out of office messages as well as set up email marketing to inform your customers of information you might want them to have.

In this day and age most people struggle with junk mail and malicious mail. The junk mail settings are designed to intercept the unwanted before being downloaded to your computer and can be run in addition to your computer email client junk settings (such as on Thunderbird). 

Accessing email settings

1) Under "Your Domain" on our Nav. Bar to the right, click on "Your Domain Login"

2) Input your domain name without the www (ie would be )

3) Input your password (if you have forgotten your password, contact us)

4) Complete the security details and click on Log In

5) You will now be in your control panel, under Email, click on " Login to WebMail"

6) Under "Select Mailbox" choose the email address you want to access, or go to Junk Mail Settings, or Mail Forwarding etc to set up your email the way you want it.

Emails from any computer

Go to:-

input your email address and password

Webmail and email settings