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Your Website may be up and running but you do not know if you are getting your fair share of visitors (potential customers) to your site. Most sites that we analyse have obvious flaws which are restricting the flow of customers. Think of your website as a shop but unfortunately, unknown to you the shutters are partially down on the doorway. We at Argyll Technologies in Oban, are happy to do a free web check for you and give you a report, with no obligation. We will even give you details on what you should fix on your website. You can choose then how you might get that carried out with no obligation whatsoever to use our services.

Our free web checking facility will do a complete analysis on your Meta Tags and Robot text files, html quality control, page loading times, link popularity, alt tags, missing links, and a lot more. Simply email us your domain URL by using the link below and we will email you back your report.

How do I know if my website needs to be analysed?
We would suggest that all websites should be analysed at least once every year. Things do change quite rapidly, such as search engine algorithms. Content within your website may need changed or updated. Most importantly you may not be getting your fair share of customers or bookings from your website.

Google Optimisation, why??
We optimise our sites for ranking with Google. The reason we concentrate on Google optimisation is because Google is the worlds largest and most popular search engine attracting more than 60% of the worlds search queries. Why don't you try this for your website:-

1) First check that your website is not banned nor hindered in any way, use your domain name as a control and type it into Google without the "www" or the " or com etc ". Then click on search. You should be in position 1 or near. For instance if you type Scotbore (the website is into Google and then click on search, you will find that (unsurprisingly) they are in position number 1.

2) If you then type in Geothermal Drilling Scotland and click on search, you will find that they are also in position number 1 for what they consider their most important search term. This was not the case when we originally analysed and then refurbished the site.

To Summarise
Your website is your window to potential customers. They must find your website by your keywords input to a search engine. When they find your site you would want them to be able to navigate easily and find the information they want. It is always a bonus if your website is also modern and professional looking.

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