Desktop Support

In this age it is common to have concernes about your computer security and general health. We provide a monthly or weekly service where we do the following:-

  • We Back up your important documents every month
  • We check that package every time to ensure the backup integrity
  • We ALWAYS offer advice where we see computer anomalies and where necessary we help you fix the problem
  • We check Windows Firewall, every month
  • We check Windows Update, every month
  • We check your Anti Virus settings and where appropriate change, every month
  • We check your Av last scans and updates and instigate fresh scans where necessary, every month
  • We also look at Windows Defender to ensure its settings are compatible with your AV program, every month
  • We run the computer Cleaner and keep a note of the files cleared to monitor any adverse computer changes, every month
  • We do a registry sweep to ensure the correct and fast performance of your computer, every month
  • We back up any other programs or files that you have asked us to, every month

All this for only £54 Per Annum

Like servicing a car, our service heads off larger problems that might manifest itself causing major servicing costs that you could incur. Of course the peace of mind having your computer integrity checked every month is priceless.

Don't forget you can have more than one household / workplace computer health checked and files backed up very month, just ask.

Almost 95% of computer problems are software problems and not hardware problems. Our monthly (or weekly) service is designed to catch those problems thus saving you time and money in the long run.